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Pictures found on www.chokingonpopcorn.com are for entertainment purposes only. This web site is not a commercial enterprise.

Pictures on this site have been gathered from the internet, WWW, usenet, user submission or in any other way, almost none of the images have been produced or scanned by ourself neither do we have the copyright on any of these images, Therefore if the copyright owner of any of the pictures on this website has a problem with us having these pictures here, please e-mail us and we will remove the images from this website.

We love movies, we love the internet, we may even love you, but most of all we love our privacy and respect yours! If you post here and leave your e-mail address, we will never ever ever pass it on to third parties for commercial or even non-commercial purposes without your explicit permission – cross our hearts and hope to die!

The Choking on Popcorn Team

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