Love and Mercy (2014)

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Love and Mercy is a biographical film about ‘The Beach Boys’ musician Brian Wilson. The film moves back and forth between two different periods in Brian’s life to portray the rise and fall of this musical talent. The viewer is shown Brian in the 1960s at the peak of his creative talent when ‘Pet Sounds’ is produced, and then Brian in the 1980s following a mental breakdown and under the control and legal guardianship of therapist Dr Eugene Landy.
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The Eagle Huntress (2016)

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The Eagle Huntress is a documentary about 13 year old nomad girl Aisholpan Nurgaiv in Mongolia and her quest to become an Eagle Hunter. This is a male dominated ancient tradition of using eagles to hunt foxes for their fur. The film boasts beautiful cinematography and brings a little known tradition to life whilst also showing incredible strength and female empowerment.
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Beauty and the Beast (2017)

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Beauty and the Beast is a successful live-action retelling of the animated Disney classic. It stays loyal to the beloved animated film, keeping all the classic songs, but it provides a little more background information, adding depth to the characters and story. The essence of the story remains the same, with Belle falling for her captor the Beast as he reveals hidden depths to his character, but the live-action retelling gives it a fresh feel and the inclusion of a fabulous new song makes the remake seem worthwhile.
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Live, Die, Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

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Edge of Tomorrow is akin to an alien invasion version of Groundhog Day. Tom Cruise’s character Bill Cage has to live the same day over and over, but unfortunately for him, the day involves an alien assault where he dies in various painful and frigtening ways. Although it sounds morbid, the concept is dealt with humorously which prevents the repetition from getting boring.
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Manchester by the Sea (2016)

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Manchester by the Sea is a heartbreaking film about loss and grief. It is brilliantly acted and there are glimspes of comedy that provide relief amongst the heartache. Despite the moments of humour, this is not a film where happy endings abound. The characters are all living in pain and dealing with it in their own different ways.
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Trumbo (2015)

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trumbo_2015_film_posterTrumbo is a biopic of the late screenwriter Donald Trumbo, who in the late 1940s went from being one of Hollywood’s top screenwriters to being blacklisted due to his communist beliefs. During the House Un-American Activities Committee investigation into Communism in the Film Industry in 1947, Trumbo and other hollwood figures refused to testify and were included in a blacklist that ensured no-one in Hollywood would hire them for fear of the backlash it would create. The film covers this whole period up to the point the blacklist’s power starts to diminish, and emphasises the devastation of these events on Trumbo’s career and personal life.
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Danny Collins (2015)

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danny_collins_official_posterInspired by a true story, Danny Collins tells the story of ageing hard living rock star Danny Collins (Al Pacino) who discovers that 40 years ago John Lennon wrote him a letter with advice about how to handle fame.  The letter advises him to ‘stay true’ to himself and his art, and inevitably causes Danny to reflect on how he has led his life and seek redemption before it is too late.

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Carol (2015)

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carol movie posterSet in the 1950s when same sex relationships were still a rarity, Carol is a visually satisfying period romance about a forbidden love affair between two women in New York. A brief encounter in a  department store leads to a slow burning romance between shop assistant and budding photographer Therese Belivet (Rooney Mara) and high class socialite Carol Aird (Cate Blanchett). The relationship leads to the realisation that sometimes being yourself does come at a cost, but is  the cost worth it?
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Love and Friendship (2016)

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love-friendship-poster smallLove and Friendship is an adaptation of a little known Jane Austen novella called Lady Susan. In contrast to other Austen novels which have been adapted for the screen many times, Lady Susan has hardly been touched.  A reason for this might be because the heroine is a manipulative adulteress,  rare and quite risque for a film set in the 1790s. Love and Friendship  is not afraid to stray from the usual style of Austen adaptations that centre around the romances in the stories and the effect is a refreshing take on a widely covered author and period.
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13 Cameras (2016)

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CaptureCamerasThe advent of wireless home security and surveillance technology has certainly made homes safer. Have you ever thought what would happen if this technology were used against you? How easy would it be for someone to spy on you in your own home? This is the premise that the film 13 Cameras is built upon.
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