The Five Best Controversial Documentaries of Recent Years

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Film is an incredibly powerful medium. It informs public opinion, and helps us to preserve pieces of our history. Some of the most influential writings on the potential social utility of non-fiction filmmaking were produced by Scottish born Canadian filmmaker John Grierson, who thought of film as a means of empowering the powerless, and calling attention to social ills. Grierson’s influence is still resonant, as evidenced by this collection of films that seek to enrich public discourses through their films.


Here are the top five thought-provoking documentaries from recent years.

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Demons, Aliens, Renegades, and Slashers: The Grim Imagination of John Carpenter

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John Carpenter has created some of the most terrifying movie monsters in the history of cinema, but he’s also managed to make films that are moving emotionally, and he has continually defied what audiences have expected from self-aware genre films. What’s more, he could achieve all of this on a miniscule budget, with casts comprised primarily of unestablished actors. In fact, he helped to establish some performers, including Jamie Lee Curtis.

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Golden Globes 2009: Hollywood’s Return To The Best and Worst

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goldenglobes.jpgI generally skip watching the Golden Globes because I feel the GG are typically hokey from year to year. It could even be argued that the small amount of those who make up The Hollywood Foreign Press. But I made the exception this time, because of the nominees and due to the promise of H’wood to go all out in style. I’m not disappointed with much, just four things, really, and deals with class, or lack thereof. But there were some strong, classic moments in the event as well.
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The Lemon List Of 2008: Ten Ways To Deplete Your I.Q. Points

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Lemon List 2008 Before the fine year of 2008 draws to a close, it is time for me to do that sad, near traumatic task of composing my annual Lemon List- the worst films of 2008. It should be said that I include, in my list, films that have been released in North America/the U.S.A and not overseas. These are pictures I have seen at one point or another during the past year. Some I have reviewed here on CoP, others…well, my time was robbed enough.
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The Lemon List Of 2007 : I’ll Give You A Requiem!

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Lemon List 2007 Ah, the start of a New Year! As I break out the calandar, mark up important days to come, then, the morning surprise of snow on the ground, and a day’s worth of shoveling and snowblowing. It’s a workout, time consuming and it is depressing. Just like …The Seeler’s Annual Lemon List…, the worst films of 2007. Folks, you didn’t actually think I’d forget about this, did you? Sadly, even if I did, the world still turns, life goes on, because the more I think about these pictures the more I think nuclear armeggeddon is soon upon us.
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Did ‘Halo’ cause a bad week at the North American Box Office?

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Halo vs. Ben Stiller I can understand it when a sporting event, such as The Olympics or NCAA March Madness commences and films playing in theatres take a pinch. Sometimes what causes films to not doing well is holiday weekends…in fact many years ago in the US, releasing a film on the fourth of July meant the kiss of death, as folks would rather see fireworks and roast marshmellows. Forget all of that now. Just forget it. Because now when a film flops, it isn’t due to a sports event or holiday. It may not even be that the film was bad or poorly marketed. It may not be that audiences wanted to see something else. Now the scapegoat is…a fellow named Master Chief.
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The Lemon List Of 2006 : One Last Swipe

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Lemon List Darren J Seeley2006 was a surprising year in movies for me. For the most part, the past year has been nearly free of lousy overproduced films. There is one or two, but at least the masses wre not hit over the head this past year with an army of them like two to three years ago. Consider it an act of mercy, or at least an oversight on Hollywood’s part. Yes, I’m well aware we were handed Jackass 2 this past year as well- but I can’t really knock a cheap film for being anything other than it pretends to be. I will, however question the intellect of those who paid hard earned money to see it and made it a hit film in the States for two weeks straight. In the meantime, read on and question my intellect on whatever forces possessed me to watch the following pieces of high priced trash.
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The Best Films Of 2005

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When the book is closed of the films of 2005, many will say , based on box office, was a lousy year for films. I’m not entirely convinced; yes, there were lots of mediocre stuff out there, but the bright side is you can tell the good from the bad. Sadly, there were at least four wonderful films in 2005 that the masses (at least in the US) avoided. I also think where the majors failed, the indies flourished.
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The Lemon List Of 2005 : One Last Swipe

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As 2005 draws to a close, to Hollywood it will be a year most remembered for the box office slump. It isn’t really there, since the year before there were quite a number of box office surprises. But when I look carefully at this past year’s slate, what I have seen hasn’t gotten me depressed, it has me doing cartwheels. Yes, there is a reason to celebrate, sort of. Moviegoers are staying away from cineplexes because not only Hollywood has finally been caught second guessing the audience, but in deciding the worst films, I shall pinpoint the major culprit…
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Grand Opening of The IFC Center

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ifcThe old Waverly Theater in the West Village (best known for starting the whole cult of midnight showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show) has finally been reincarnated as the brand spanking new IFC Center. IFC stands for The Independent Film Channel, a movie lovers favorite on US cable television. So, while the theater isn’t independent, the movies promise to be.
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