13 Cameras (2016)

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CaptureCamerasThe advent of wireless home security and surveillance technology has certainly made homes safer. Have you ever thought what would happen if this technology were used against you? How easy would it be for someone to spy on you in your own home? This is the premise that the film 13 Cameras is built upon.

Gerald, played by Neville Archambault, is a creepy landlord who buys several tiny surveillance cameras and installs them in his rental home. Gerald is a disturbing little man. He is always profusely sweating and seems to be the sort that would sniff your chair after you got up. Unfortunately for the young couple of Ryan and Claire, he is their new landlord in their new dream home.

Ryan and Claire come into the house with problems of their own. While she is pregnant with their first child, Ryan is stepping out with his assistant for a bit of frisky business. Unfortunately for Ryan, this relationship is also taking a turn for the worse and begins to threaten things on the homefront.

All of this is captured via wireless camera and beamed straight to the den of perennial pervert Gerald. The film shows us him watching while they eat, while they fight, and while they screw, especially while they screw.

Is this a believable movie? To a degree it is. Unfortunately, the advent of security surveillance can work against us in ways that may come as a surprise. Since many modern home security systems are now tethered through the Internet, all a hacker really needs is to crack your password and he or she can gain access to not only burglar alarms but your home computers, mobile devices, and any smart appliances you may have. A hacker can essentially control your entire home at will. Watching you through your own cameras, computers, and television would be an effortless task.

While the couple in the movie are busy fighting and trying to sort their lives, Gerald is plotting some insidious acts of violence. I won’t give away the ending, but I am sure you can use your imagination.

For fans of horror cinema who are also technology buffs, this is a suitably creepy film. It really drives home just how vulnerable we as a society are. Does this mean we are doomed to be at the mercy of any tech-savvy hacker? Of course not – but it’s still important to protect yourself against those who roam cyberspace with ulterior motives. Further online resources can direct you to in-depth coverage of security do’s and don’ts, but here here are a few quick tips to help anyone secure their home against intruders.

Use A Secure Network

It is never advisable to use a public network to access your home security system. This leaves it vulnerable for anybody nearby to pick up your password.

Change Your Password Frequently

As hackers develop methods to crack passwords at lightning speed, your outdated password may not have the necessary security attributes to withstand a brute force attempt. Change your passwords often, write them down in a secure (offline!) location, and never leave any home security devices with their initial login information intact.

Monitor Your Camera Logs

Your home security system will have records of all IP addresses that have accessed your system. If the IP address is not one that you recognize, change your password immediately and notify both the company that monitors your system and law enforcement authorities.

Using these methods will ensure that you are as safe as possible and don’t end up like our friends Ryan and Claire. The last any average citizen needs is a man like Gerald lurking around the corner.

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